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About Droplet

Droplet is a company that is not yet available to the public, the company is planned to help freelancers with transactions and payment logging.

Droplet was founded by Nathan McCracken in August 2019 and has no planned release date as of now.


About Method Exchange

Method Exchange was founded by Nevit, initially created to exchange PayPal to Cash App, but evolved to accept Venmo, Bitcoin, and Zelle. In August 2019 the exchange was sold to Daigan.

Within the first few months of operation, the site exchanged just above $2,000.

Branding V3

Branding V2

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About Usercord

Usercord was founded by Nevit in June 2018. The site was created so that Discord users to easily join and share a link to their Discord profile. The site has gone through many different branding concepts.

Blue Branding

Orange Branding

About Alt Bolt

Alt Bolt was founded by Nevit in October 2018. The site was going to be a massive cracked account shop, but was never stocked with accounts and the site remained on sale for many months. The site was eventually given away to Dead4Now.